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Coffee Mia Brew Bar & Cafe

Address: 250 Reservation Rd Suite E, Marina, CA 93933

Monday-Friday 5AM–3PM
Saturday 5AM–3PM
Sunday 6AM–2PM

Phone: (831) 384-0148

Marina Spirit Vape and Smoke Shop

Address: 3170 Vista Del Camino Cir, Marina, CA 93933

Monday-Saturday 9AM–11PM
Sunday 9AM–10PM

Phone: (831) 920-2018

Rooster Wheels

Address: 3056 Del Monte Blvd #201, Marina, CA 93933

Monday-Friday 9:30AM–5PM
Saturday 9:30AM–5PM
Sunday Closed

Phone: (831) 582-2453

Techno Lock Marina

Address: 3170 Vista Del Camino #B, Marina, CA 93933

Monday-Friday 8:30AM–6PM
Saturday 9AM–2PM
Sunday Closed

Phone: (831) 384-4849


Address: 3074 Del Monte Blvd, Marina, CA 93933

Monday-Saturday 11AM–8PM
Sunday 12–5PM

Phone: (831) 920-1738

Words of Support

Similar to Monterey County, Del Rey Oaks, Salinas, Seaside and Watsonville in Santa Cruz County, this Cannabis proposal would legalize research and development, manufacturing, testing, commercial indoor cultivation, and retail dispensaries. These jobs and businesses would have spin off value to other Marina businesses and thus help our economy. Finally, Marina residents needing medical or cannabis products for adult use could stay in town to get them.
Bruce Delgado
Mayor of Marina
The City of Marina will thrive with sensible regulation and taxation for the Cannabis Industry. Jobs will be created, taxes will be collected, and the local infrastructure will be improved. As President of the CannaDems and Executive Director of Monterey County NORML I endorse this campaign and encourage you to as well.
Ryan Munevar
CannaDems President, Monterey Cunty NORML Executive Director
Growing up on the Central Coast, Marina has been a pillar of blue collar and minority owned and operated businesses. These small business ma and pa communities have been the back bone of many industries, including cannabis. Many of these businesses and individuals have been a fundamental support in our industry for decades. It’s time to let them shine. We support the people of Marina in there efforts to bring legal cannabis, tax revenue, and renewed small business opportunities to their community.
Oliver Bates
Big Sur Farmers Association President
I am supporting this initiative because it is the will of Marina’s residence. The vast majority of us voted to legalize cannabis in 2016. Let’s use the money we raise to make our neighborhoods and roads safer and improve our parks.
Adam Urrutia
Running for City of Marina City Council
Now that California has legalized Cannabis at the state level, the City of Marina has an opportunity to develop and regulate this new industry responsibly so that the City and its residents will benefit. As a Monterey County Supervisor I support this initiative and applaud the efforts of those who are working to place it on the ballot.
Jane Parker
Monterey County Supervisor, District 4
The vision for the Coastal Growers Association has always been to see the Safe and reliable access to cannabis through ethical, permitted, licensed, and legitimate businesses. That is why we fully support this initiative to allow for legal cannabis businesses in the city of Marina. We know that as more cities in our county begin to embrace cannabis we will create more jobs and generate tax revenue that will ultimately create a community benefit for all.
Joey Espinoza
Coastal Growers Association President, Deputy Director of Monterey County NORML